NeoRetailing is a young, small private business founded and directed by Hussam Aldolaigan. NeoRetailing provides business analytics and database marketing services aimed at equipping retailers (currently-operating in New Zealand and/or entering the New Zealand retail markets) with the knowledge required to make informed decisions, compete in the market, develop a competitive advantage, increase their share of the wallet, grow and expand their business.


Our products and services help retailers, direct marketers and advertisers:

  • furnish perspectives of the competition and market;
  • gain insights into the behaviour of their existing customers;
  • increase confidence when making strategic decisions (i.e. retail site selection);
  • reallocate marketing budgets efficiently through improving market segmentation and targeting; and
  • succeed in highly competitive markets.


NeoRetailing is an online business which deals mostly with digital content. Whereas requests are made online, products and services can be delivered both on and offline depending on the requested service/product purchased. Products and services are delivered from Auckland, New Zealand.